Thursday, November 10, 2011


I was waiting for the day I could write my 100th post and now that I reached it, I missed and saw that I am now on my 103rd post!
So I will insert it between my Coron posts.
It is interesting how many topics we could write about after all.

I was initially interested in stories of the places I have been to, but as I was writing about it, I found out how much stories I have in my "archives"! 
I found many of the "historical" photos very interesting as I was reminiscing in the stories behind them.

Our friends from the JICA Friendship Program Science Students 1987 gathered in Facebook (and we are still looking for our other friends!) since we will be on our 25th anniversary in 2012 and it excited my mind so much, that I made 12 blogs about our experiences as JICA Friendship Program Science Students Batch 1987 in less than a month.
Unfortunately, my 11th blog on the Farewell Party somehow got "jumbled" and could be retrieved in HTML only, so I have to reconstruct that.

As the Zamboanga Hermosa Festival was approaching, I realized there is so much to write about Zamboanga City.
I noted there weren't too many formal data nor blogs related to places in Zamboanga, so I became more appreciative of many things related to Zamboanga City.

I also found loads of photos on activities in the late 1990s and early 2000s which brings back so many fond memories in the family and also of the Archdiocese of Zamboanga, which I am gradually sharing about, too.

Along the way, family and professional activities come  and I find that there are also lots to talk about. 

I am entertained that there are people are actually  reading the blog! I would expect friends to read some of the posts which I link to Facebook.
That's why, I was surprised that my rank in Topblogs
actually rose, and even at one time reached the Rank # 93 level! Imagine!

And more so, I am entertained at how far my posts reach... I was amazed that it reaches Russia, Romania, Czech Republic, Costa Rica and even Maldives, so I enjoying watching my Flag Counter!
I just started with the Flag Counter less than a week ago, I was excited to see the 30 flags I have now!
And even two more with unknown satellite providers, meaning they can't pinpoint the country of origin.
And I am looking forward that it would really increase in number.

I also like to see the Live Traffic Feed of Feedjit because I am guessing which friend is reading it from the city or country I see. 
More interesting if it is really not an  acquaintance at all but just someone viewing my posts, usually on the Nikon P500 and maybe on the Marina Bay Sands.
Sometimes I wonder who in Ireland or Brazil is reading the posts? Do I have friends there?

However, I know there would come a time, I would have to lay low depending on responsibilities that would come my way! 
I do hope I can write more but only time can tell....

There are still so many stories to share!!!

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