Friday, August 3, 2012


Bossotel Bangkok is a three-star hotel on the same road as the Shangrila Bangkok.
And since our Congress was located at Shangrila Hotel, this place is the best value for money place being only a two-minute walk away.

Actually, the Hotel is easy to find, but I don't know why my taxi driver turned around about 4 times the other way before he could find it, inspite my giving him the Map and the street number written in Thai as taken from the internet. Fortunately, I paid a fixed rate for the taxi or I would have gone paranoid at him.

Bossotel Hotel looks old on one side from the facade, but the other half has already been renovated and looks new. 

The lobby is relatively small but feels wide and open and  extends to a smaller dining area on one side.

The guest room is of adequate size and the bed is large and is newly renovated. There is still ongoing renovation until end of August.

I just feel that two available outlets are a bit lacking, but this would only be my issue, I think.

The bathroom is of adequate size.
available are: Conditioning shampoo, Shower Gel, cotton buds, shower cap. No toothbrush but can request.
Considering the price of the accommodation, there were more than enough choices at the Bossotel Breakfast Buffet.

I would still stay here for my next trip if I need to stay in the Shangrila area!

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