Friday, August 3, 2012


I saw this at the lobby of the Shangrila Bangkok.

A tribute to Queen Sirikit who is celebrating her birthday this August 12 (1932) is placed at a very visible place as soon as you enter Shangrila.

This is about Queen Sirikit from:
Her Majesty Queen Sirikit's birthday on August 12 is a public holiday, celebrated nationwide as Mother's Day. Individual people and organizations raise flags and portraits of Her Majesty in Bangkok and all over the kingdom.
Born M.R. Sirikit Kitiyakara in 1932, Her Majesty the Queen has captured the hearts of the Thai people through her devotion to improving the welfare and well-being of her subjects. The Queen is perhaps best known for her efforts in reviving many of Thailand's folk arts and crafts. 

From Wikipedia:
Queen Sirikit's birthday, like the king's, is a national holiday, and is also Mothers' Day in the country. She is particularly revered in the more remote and traditional parts of the country, where the monarchy is regarded as semi-divine. Her work in promotingtolerance and understanding for the Muslim minorities in the southernmost provinces of PattaniYala and Narathiwat have made her especially popular amongst the local Muslim populace. The queen has a strong bond with southern Thailand. She spends months in the Muslim-majority provinces every year. This role of the queen is considered to be as one of the more quiet diplomats.


  1. nakaka-amaze nga kung gaano nila minahal ang kanilang king and queen.i remember seeing the portraits of their king and queen practically everywhere noong nag thailand kami.

  2. Exactly. After I wrote this, I talked to the taxi driver and he said that they loved the king and queen!