Saturday, August 25, 2012


While we were at the Siam Paragon, we decided to find a place to eat. Our friend, Rema requested that we try out a "real" restaurant... after all the streetfood we ate! She didn't want to go to the fastfood area, so we headed to the fourth floor where we found the Northern Thai Restaurant, FAI SOR KAM!

I am not a culinary expert and this was the first higher end Thai restaurant I ate in while  in Bangkok and I did enjoy the food there.
I felt that after a few days, I was now able to savor and enjoy the spicy Thai cuisine!

I would like to share the menu and what we ate!

Venue. They say that this had the charm of Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand.


Dishes. The dishes were also very well presented. Here are the pictures and the real thing!

this is "Chicharon" for us!

Deep Fried Spring Roll

Tom Yum River Prawns

Northern Pork Sausage

Sticky rice... like Ma Chang

Papaya Salad with Shrimp

Omelette and Deep Fried Minced Prawn
Deep Fried Salt Chicken Wing

Assorted fruits.
The bill.  Interesting way of presenting the bill!
Plus, the people in Fai Sor Kam were very gracious and accommodating!

We stayed on because we moved on to the handicraft side of FAI SOR KAM!


  1. yay yummy food! Looks like you had fun eating! I hope I could go there soon :D

  2. appreciated Spicy Thai cuisine here!

  3. I rad this with a huge smile on my face. I love tom yum! Im sure the real thing tastes even better than the ones they serve here in manila :D Interesting presentation for the spring rolls too! :d

  4. I love Thai food! The presentation is very tempting and some of it looks really interesting like the deep fried spring roll. I wonder what the liquid is at the bottom of the small glass? I love Tom yum too.. the sourish, spiciness of the soup is very distinct. Thanks for sharing these tempting photos :)

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