Thursday, December 22, 2011


Just outside I-Square in Tsimshatsui, HongKong is the Ferrero Rocher Christmas Tree.

It was a very tall Christmas Tree made up of plenty individual Ferrero Rocher golden chocolates.

Actually, the first day we saw it, it was really guarded by a lady guard because everyone seemed to be tempted to touch and check if this is the real chocolate.
without flash

with flash

She showed us that it was made of round styrofoams covered with the classic golden Ferrero Rocher cover.

By day, the tree is very attractive.

can you imagine how many Ferrero Rocher chocolates make up this gigantic tree?

By night, it is even more interesting!

I was able to test "my brightest and fastest lens camera" (f/1.8 and as of Feb.2011 data), the Nikon Coolpix P300 camera.

But then, everyone who passed by I-Square, of course, stopped and had their photos taken around the Ferrero Rocher Christmas Tree.

A very bright and fantastic Christmas tree indeed!!!


  1. Yes, Inday... I'm sure you enjoyed the very cold weather and shopping in HK... I saw that too!!.... it was something really different... it looks even better during the night with all the lights on... same as with the Heritage & Star Ferry Area.... but I think they had to "skrimp" this year to go with the times last year was better (I think..) ~~~ Melou Y.

  2. Interesting tree! Favorite ko pa naman ang Ferrero Rocher!