Friday, December 16, 2011



I already have a Nikon D90 DSLR, a Nikon Coolpix P500 Superzoom and a Sony Cybershot T300 compact camera.

I bought my Sony T300 camera last May 2008 and is the camera I bring around daily. But for the past months, the Sony couldn't function optimally. After a few shots, the camera vibrates.

I bought the Nikon Coolpix P500 superzoom last March 2011 because of its unique "paparazzi" quality, unfortunately, it couldn't be brought around everyday.

More so with the Nikon D90 DSLR camera, which is so difficult to lug around especially, that I also bring my laptop everywhere.

So this time, I was in search of a "perfect compact serious camera". 

What does this mean?!?

I found this in the internet...
What are High-End (Premium) Compact Cameras?
Before we jump right into the specs an analyze them, let’s talk about high-end point-and-shoot cameras in general. When we search for a point-and-shoot camera, we are usually concerned about few things: image quality, noise in high-ISO, speed and of course, the overall design of the camera. Compact Point-and-shoot were first of all designed to be small and lightweight. It’s not that Canon or other vendor couldn’t come up with a larger camera with the same specs. All the fuss is about miniaturization, and the ability to pack a lot of advanced tech into a small housing.
With a high-end P&S camera you’ll pay more, but you do expect to get a lot more for your money. Canon and other vendors know that, and they do the best they can do make sure that you’ll get what you paid for. With premium digital cameras you can expect to get a high-sensitive and relatively large sensor. Furthermore, the camera should be equipped with a fast lens (usually F2.0 or faster). A lens that includes advanced optics in order to be used with a relatively large sensor. Of course those cameras can’t compete against Mirrorless ILC cameras in terms of image quality, and the reason relies in the size of the sensor. In almost all cases, the larger the sensor, the better the image quality is. Those premium compacts are intended for those who don’t want to buy themselves into an interchangeable lens compact camera. The camera is aimed towards the advanced photographer who needs a camera that performs better than what’s on the market today.
I remembered a friend buying a Lumix LX5 camera because of the low aperture which is very helpful in low light situation... exactly what the Nikon P500 superzoom missed in feature!
So in the internet, I was in search of compact cameras with an aperture of f/2.0!
In my final assessment of all reviews, I finally chose the CANON S100 camera! And I thought, I'll buy this once I am in HongKong this December 2011!

It seems fate never wants me to get the Canon camera!
Last March in Singapore, I was looking for the Canon SX30 superzoom which was not available due to the Japan tsunami accordingly and I ended up with the newly introduced Nikon Coolpix P500 superzoom.

Now in HongKong, equipped with my internet assessment, I was all set with the Canon S100 camera which again was not available! WHHHHAAATTT!!

And they offered the Nikon Coolpix P300 camera, which they claimed was even better with a faster lens with a lower aperture of f/1.8!

I was sort of shocked because I didn't even bother to look up this camera!
I had to look up the internet again for the Nikon P300 and the features were fine.

I was wondering why the Nikon P300 camera didn't get the best reviews.
This is what I found out from some internet sites.
Nikon P300 – Cons & Pros
What’s exciting on the P300?
  • Back-illuminated Sensor (BSI) technology
  • Nice zoom range (4.2x) with a 24mm wide angle
  • F1.8 among the fastest together with the XZ-1 (at the wide end)
  • Has a pop-up flash
  • Fastest burst in the group (7 fps)
  • 1080p Full HD video recording with stereo sound
  • Can shoot slow-motion videos at 120fps (640×480)
  • Wide range of camera software-based functions
  • Lightest camera in the group, second smallest
  • Gorgeous 921,600-dot 3-inch screen, the best in the group
Anything that might be missing of lacking in the CoolPix P300?
  • Smallest sensor in the group (1/2.3″)
  • 1cm macro would be nice (feat. 3cm)
  • Only 8 seconds minimum shutter speed
  • No hot-shoe (can’t add an external flash)
  • Only 240 shots battery life, second worst after Canon PowerShot S100
  • Can’t shoot Raw

For the Nikon Coolpix P300, these are what I found... 
1) I found out that it didn't have the RAW feature - - - whhhaattt again? 
    So this doesn't matter much for me since I have no use for the RAW feature, either!
2) Lumix LX5 has a higher ISO range which could be extended to 125800
    But, ISO range of 3200 is good enough for me.
3) Lumix LX5 has a hot-shoe.
  But if the aperture is low, then I might not necessarily need this... and I wanted compact!

Similar features include 24-100 mm zoom (at 35 mm equivalent) with a 3 mm. macro minimum focus range with the Canon S100.
It has one of the highest sensor resolution of 12.1 mp same as the Canon S100.

But, Nikon has the fastest lens (f/1.8), best full resolution video at full HD and the fastest burst in the group!
It also is the lightest and with a gorgeous 921,600-dot 3-inch screen, the best in the group

Canon S100 came out the best of the group by this evaluator, but as I said it was out of stock at the time I wanted to buy!

Here is another review:
Nikon Coolpix P300 winner at...
High speed shooting and video... very good image quality with bright saturated images, also the second smallest camera, but importantly offers hand grip at the front and back (unlike the S95), and offers the lowest price. Unfortunately the camera lacks RAW support, which could put some people off this camera, as you will have to trust the JPEG results straight from the camera.

Also, the Nikon P300 camera is cheapest of the bunch.

Anyway, sometimes when we decide to buy, it is not usually what we exactly want. 

I found out for myself that it is the Nikon family to which I am drawn to by circumstances.
Anyway, for my initial shots , I am quite happy with the Nikon Coolpix P300!

I will show you my initial shots in the next blog!!!  


  1. hi doc, plaaning to buy a handy cam too, dslr is quite tiring on street photography and backpack travel :) = = M.P.

  2. I got me a Lumix LX 5 for Christmas.
    ~~ R.U.

  3. where did you buy your Lumix?was thinking of Lumix but it was older ... so my mind was really set on Canon S100, but not available... decided on Nikon because of the video component too. = pinay r.

  4. Canon S95 is the top contender here, BTW. = = A.B.

  5. The Canon S100 is the newest version of the CanonS95, that's why I looked for it. but since it was supposed to be released November 2011 (too new), the stocks are easily sold out and in HK, they had none at the time I visited.


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