Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Christmas is always a beautiful season and when the lights of the Zamboanga City Hall lights up starting the first of December, everyone again flocks for the photo ops and family-and-friend bondings.

This year, the lights has extended to the newly renovated Plaza Pershing and this time, the photo opportunities have extended much more.

My eyes were amazed by the beauty of the lights and the scenes, so pardon to those with me, that it took so long for me to go around the whole area!

Let us enjoy the Plaza Pershing lights...

Here we are with the Plaza Pershing in the backdrop!

We are now in Plaza Pershing
It is picture taking time!

Our Christmas trees look funny... indeed with twists, and so they look like seals with a ball...or maybe, it was intended to be!

We go closer to the Christmas trees...
And there are also Gingerbread houses...and giant candy canes!

And of course, the original historical gazebo is ever beautiful. Note, that it has the 1915 mark.

And don't forget the stage, which has been the venue of many concerts. community activities and "miting-de-advances"!!!

But, a new highlight of Plaza Pershing is the dancing fountain, which of course, took too much of my time. This is a small dancing fountain but still very interesting with the design of the jets and of course, the color changes!
(P.S. The fountain shots were taken with the Nikon Coolpix P300 compact camera)

met friends with their family here...

Doesn't the dancing fountain lift up our spirits!!!

We finally have to go...

Just happy to be there... the place is beautiful... and most of all, happy to be with people you like to be with!!!

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