Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Christmas is always a beautiful season and when the lights of the Zamboanga City Hall lights up starting the first of December, everyone again flocks for the photo ops and family-and-friend bondings.

The first day it lighted, I already saw it, BUT...I HAD NO CAMERA AT ALL!!! (imagine!) Finally, my staff and I with Ma'am Nora and family took time out to revel the Zamboanga City Christmas lights! There are now more lights in the ZC City Hall and the Plaza Pershing plus the new fountain!!! 

I'd like to share with you our Zamboanga City Hall and Rizal Park lights!
The lights are similar to last year's Christmas lights, but with some twists.

This year, instead of "snow", they decided to put a bubble machine to add interest and of course, this excites the young and old.

see the bubbles!

Everyone looks up to see the bubble shower!

We get to meet just anyone when we visit the Zamboanga City Hall!
I first met Ateneo De Zamboanga University medical students!

And the most heartwarming part was they brought their young patient from Lakewood and his family over there!

We went there with friends and family...

Even from afar, the Zamboanga City Hall lights are quite attractive and bring happy feelings!

The Plaza Rizal is also dressed up with lights...

Most  Philippine towns honor Dr. Jose Rizal and has a monument in his name - the marker in our monument  says FUSILADO 30 DECIEMBRE 1896

El Pueblo De Zamboanga a Rizal

There is a nativity tableau within the Plaza Rizal. It is difficult to get pictures without visitors within the "Belen".

Then, we proceed in the next blog to the newly renovated Plaza Pershing which is now also beautifully lighted and with a dancing fountain to boot!!!


  1. Beautiful! ~~~~ Tamaki H.

  2. Thank you for sharing dra. :-)
    == Diane T.