Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Finally, I was able to get my dream luggage -- Rimowa!
I read about it from a feature from a national newspaper years ago and I thought this is what I would get when I decide to change my luggage.
But, at the time I did, Greenbelt was too far and so I did not get a Rimowa then.
I was in Makati Greenbelt 5 last month and at last, I saw the Rimowa store.
I was thinking of getting a luggage enough for 20 kgs. and here it is right in front of me!

The store had the signature Rimowa groove design which is quite eye-catching.

Here are some of the attractive Rimowa luggages.

Why Rimowa?
Rimowa is a German brand of luggage and these are some of the features that I read about Rimowa.
Rimowa Luggage - Handwerk meets Hightech' 

Rimowa ranks among the leading manufacturers of luggage in Europe. Handwerk meets Hightech (Handcraft Meets High Tech) policy which has lead to huge successes and double figures in rates of growth altogether throughout many countries around the world. The Rimowa luggage collection with its Made in Germany label has not only won over showrooms among its partners, such as Lufthansa and Porsche, but also the Luxury Goods segments. Rimowa is currently developing the signature of a young global brand whose impressive road to success on an international level is still in the beginning stages. 

The direction is clear: to be the first choice worldwide among all people who place special demands on traveling. Demands on quality, function, and design of their Rimowa luggage, and more importantly, demands on an authentic vacation experience. In such a way that the new advertising slogan, Every Case Tells a Story proves true over and over again. And that each Rimowa is exactly what they inherited as design: to be perhaps one of the most gripping travel companions of the world.

I chose the Rimowa Bolero design which is shiny black in color, with the signature grooves and its polycarbonate design did not seem to be prone to scratches.
The functional form of the Rimowa Bolero caught my eye since this has separate front pockets which can be opened separately.

This is what is written about the Rimowa Bolero.
Rimowa's Bolero collection advances Rimowa's signature grooved polycarbonate design by combining the polycarbonate exterior with flexible outside pockets made of hard-wearing polyester. The classic Rimowa polycarbonate grooves in a striking black are extremely durable and lightweight and the interiors include useful accessories such as dividers and laundry bags.

And here is another write-up from the internet.

RIMOWA’s “Bolero” line of luggage is a take on the polycarbonate shell luggage which works visually. The best feature is of course the ability of the shell to take a hit and return to place – any dents can be knocked back out without damage to the luggage itself. “t offers a more fully featured upgrade from the Rimowa Salsa collection to make traveling even more enjoyable. The feature that sets this series apart from the others is the useful pockets on the front. The telescopic handle has an aluminum finish and the top and side carrying handles are recessed and very comfortable.”

The feature that sets this series apart from the others is the useful pocket on the front that lets you access important items without opening the case. The interiors are designed with your needs in mind. The telescopic handle has an aluminum finish and it locks at different heights. The top carrying handles are very comfortable.
Features Include:
Lightweight & durable polycarbonate business cases with easy front pocket access.
The smaller non wheeled cases have a zippered back pocket that can slide over a pull up handle and a removable shoulder strap.
The business trolleys have an elastic strap across the back to slide over a pull up handle.
YKK zippers that are durable, self-repairing, and water resistant.
TSA combination locks on the 3 larger cases. Non TSA combination lock on the small notebook case.
5-year warranty.

So finally, I was able to use the Rimowa for my domestic trip and also for my Hongkong trip.

I found it so funny that from Cebu Pacific, I was given a tag which indicated that they were free from liability if in case the hardcase luggage would break!
This would be the worst advertisement for Rimowa if this happened!!
And all I can say might be, "What a hype!"

Anyway, there was really something that happened to the zipper pull tab after my first domestic flight...not too impressive! 
I haven't checked with Rimowa if they would fix this as part of their warranty. I also have to find out how!
see one of my zipper pull tabs is gone!

Well, compared to the Samsonite bag, at least there were no scratches on the bag after an international trip and also pulling the bag along Nathan Road from Jordan to Tsimshatsui.
pulling the Rimowa along Nathan Road
Although, the Rimowa Bolero is not the lightest of the bunch (I think Rimowa Salsa Air is!), its four wheels made it so easy to pull around even in the MTR rails of Hongkong!

Although, the Rimowa is not for everyone because of its price, it is a sturdy and beautiful piece of luggage!

If in case, I will update you if this bag is worth its name or otherwise!!!


  1. looks like some very sturdy and reliable hardside luggage! I really think that is the best way to go when looking for luggage. Mine have served me well through thick and thin

  2. we have researched all warranties for luggage brands. the only one that is worth its while is briggs and riley who provide a lifetime warranty that even covers airline damage!


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