Saturday, July 27, 2013


Usually, when people go to Europe, they already have a well-planned itinerary for them to visit all the highlights in many countries usually visiting historical spots, museums, cathedrals and castles.

Just after my 16 year old son's high school graduation, I invited him and my husband to join me in my trip to Germany. (not necessarily a graduation gift!) My son wasn't that interested, but, I guess what is in his mind is castles and old places. Being with his friends "for the last time" seemed a way better choice!

So, I asked him, what would interest you to go to Germany? He said, " I am interested in Ferrari!" 

"What! Ferrari is so far away!" was my reply.

I know how he loves German cars! So I tried to google for car museums in the Germany area and found Mercedes Benz and Porsche museum in Stuttgart, which is less than an hour from Heidelberg, where we intend to stay! 

Then, by a twist of fate, our friend, Lani is from Bologna, Italy which is just about 30 minutes from Maranello, the land of Ferrari... and incidentally, is also the land of Lamborghini and Ducati!

I guess now he really is getting excited about the trip...

And in the end of the Auto trip, he also found Hockenheim, so close to Heidelberg which is a motor racing course which hosts the Formula One German Grand Prix races since the 1970s. At the time of our visit, the season of the races was open (imagine the timing!) so I guess, he really had a very comprehensive tour!

Here is the itinerary of the Transport Tour.
       1) Sinsheim Auto and Technik Museum, 22 km southeast of Heidelberg, Germany
    While we were in Heidelberg, this place was suggested to us. This is a real transport museum including tanks and airplanes! 
      2) Harley Davidson Store in Frankfurt, Germany

         3) Volkswagen in Frankfurt

        4) Mini Cooper in Frankfurt
Mini Countryman
     5) Mercedes Benz Museum and Showroom in Stuttgart, Germany is the MUST-SEE Museum of them all... not only old cars but matched with World's History as well as complemented by a showroom where you can actually sit in the whole range of Mercedes Benz's Class A, B, C, D, E, F, G and etc., including the newest and flashiest models!
         6) Porsche Museum in Stuttgart, Germany
           7) Museo Ferrari in Maranello, Italy
Thanks to Lani and the Lombardi family for taking care of my family in Italy.
           8) Ferrucio Lamborghini Museum in Ferrara, Italy
meeting Fabio Lamborghini in Ferrucio Lamborghini Museum!

          By the way, there is the newer Lamborghini Museum also in Bologna.
       9) Ducati Factory Outlet in Bologna, Italy = they reached the place, only it happened to be closed for the day. 

         10) Hockenheimring in Hockenheim, Germany which is the home of the Formula One German Grand Prix races since the 1970s.

From Bologna, they took the train to Heidelberg but passing by Hockenheim first and this was on our last day in Germany!

This really completed the trip since the races happens in season. Fortunately, from May 3 to 5, 2013, the racetracks in Hockenheimring were alive!

By the way, using the Eurail train pass is so helpful and relatively cheaper! Relatively as in relatively since the ticket is still expensive but the more trips you take, the greater savings it is! 

You just have to choose how many countries you intend to visit for the price to be determined. They took a three country pass (Germany-Switzerland-Italy) for a seven day trip. You can get it online and they mail the tickets to the country of origin, but we were able to avail of it in the German train station.

If you plan at least three places to go to, all the rest will be considered free! 

I will still share with you a bit more about some of these places in other blogposts....

It is not everyone who is given the chance to make an itinerary such as this! I feel this was really a great trip for my car enthusiasts! 


  1. they sure know how to build them cars right!

  2. Ugh, CARS! Though I'm a pretty nervous driver, cars are fascinating. Especially the newer and flashier models...

  3. Boys and their toys. My Dad would love to see all of these! He'd be blown away.

  4. omg!!! i so so envy your life. hahaha.. I wish I could travel all over the world like you do :D

    1. You have a very interesting life, too! I can foresee you'll go to even more places in the world when the time comes!!!

  5. Ferrari! <3 Gusto ko nito! I love cars kahit wala ako alam! Haha I want to have my own one day! Hopefully!

  6. .. Museo Ferrari!! GREAT! Nakakainggit :p

    1. What my son really wanted to see and fortunately, he saw all the rest of the places!!!

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