Monday, July 22, 2013


I was given by my friend, Mimi from Holland a huge CHOCOLATE EGG!

This egg is large but this is hollow inside!

I guess this is similar to the giant Chocolate Letters the Dutch are known for.

I didn't eat the Chocolate egg because it was too nice (and too large) to bite!

So, I brought it all the way from Holland to the Philippines via bus...  then train...  then airplane!

The egg kept its form during the whole trip!

However, when I arrived in the Philippines, it was sad to note that from the airport to the house by car, there were cracks in the egg... I guess, I should have held it in my lap.

I realized that the Philippine weather wasn't exactly the chocolate's friend.

When I woke up the next day, gone was the egg and all I can see is a blob!
So much for the Chocolate egg!

Kaye and Mimi calls it now the ALIEN EGG!!!

But, most important is the heart of the giver... thank you, Mimi and family!

And... we still enjoyed eating the Chocolate egg even if it was deformed!!!


  1. Wow that's one real treat! Did it taste like dark or milk chocolate? Yum! What a thoughtful gift! =D

  2. Wow you're home? Nice! Agree ako dyan. Sometimes chocolate from other countries hindi nakakakaya ang temperature or whatnot dito sa Philippines but anyhow masarap parin siya! Cute giant choco! :9

  3. CH: Looks like the egg got scrambled

  4. MDH: Hahaha kalooy sa choc egg..

  5. GRA: Omg. I thought it was some liver thing

  6. Whoa you are home? Wonderful! Consent ako dyan. At times dark chocolate business countries hindi nakakakaya ang temp or whatnot dito sa Philippines yet anyways masarap parin siya! Cute huge choco!Gold für World of Warcraftcheap runescape gold