Sunday, July 14, 2013


Finally, I am in Heidelberg, Germany. I stayed in the NH Heidelberg.

Heidelberg is a beautiful romantic town by the Neckar River and since the place is so full of history and interesting spots, many tourists visit Heidelberg. 

The NH Hotel also had a historic touch with an old brewery as part of the hotel, and with a newer glass part attached to it.
This is sort of a business hotel and is quite well situated, somewhere halfway between the Heidelberg Hauftbahnhof, the train station for out of town trips and the Bismarcplatz, which is the center of the city including the shopping and tourist area!

I'd like to share some pictures of the place!

The hotel had an interesting ambience since it was partly an old brewery and of course, updated with a modern glass extension. Flavored water with fresh apple or orange is available at the front desk and may drink as soon as you arrive.

Elevator and hallway to room.

So fortunate that this is a really huge room, with a desk, a bar area with microwave and ref and with a large closet.
The room is large, with a large comfortable kingsize bed with a working desk, which I always look for . Aside from this, there is a bar area with a microwave and refrigerator.

Bathroom and closet.
The walk-in closet is also very big and two large luggages can be placed on top of the platform, so I don't need to bend down to open the bags, nor do we need to use our own beds for it.

Food is the same everyday but with lots of the way, Asians don't look for rice!

One of the most important amenities our family looks for is Wi-fi! Before, we left, my son googled about wi-fi in Germany, and the answer was: In Germany, the Germans let you pay for everything!

Fortunately, they did have vouchers for free wi-fi! They gave a note saying that if you need faster wi-fi speed, you can pay a fee for it. So far, we didn't need to do so and we were able to use the wi-fi quite well.

We had a very fine stay in NH Hotel!


  1. I so envy you. I really want to go to other countries especially Europe... hahaha

  2. Wooooow! The hotel looks elegant and nice!! I love it!! :D I wish I can experience their service someday too :)