Wednesday, July 10, 2013


I am really excited these days with a new addition to Ciudad Medical Zamboanga's line-up of state-of-the-art imaging equipment, the SIEMENS SOMATOM PERSPECTIVE 64-SLICE CT SCAN.

And WHY should I (or should I say WE!) be excited about it?

Well, it is Siemens' newest "baby" and the first set of these (including this one) was just out of the Siemens' Erlangen (Germany) factory last May 2013.

It arrived early June and was installed soon thereafter. Of course, we had to complete the Conformance testing as well as all regulatory requirements and trainings before we are opening this to the public today, July 10, 2013!

Proudly, this is the first Siemens Perspective 64-slice CT Scan in the Philippines!
(P.S. Not the first 64 slice CT but the first of this newest model)

What does this 64 slice CT Scan have to offer?

Primary feature is high quality images with faster scan time.
More advanced procedures can be performed such as CT examinations for Arterio-venous Malformation, Pulmonary Embolism, Cardiac, Vascular studies and even Colonography. 
Even routine studies now have very smooth images, without pixelation! 
I love the neck, chest and abdomen images!

The technology is very new and for the first time introduces the e-MODE or the ECO-MODE, which in layman's term may be compared to an "automatic gear of the car" for efficient usage, thus, with the end-target of energy-savings and increase the CT Scan's life cycle.
So this actually uses 30% lower power requirements (sounds CLEAN and GREEN)... which is what the Administration definitely wants!

And to top it all, it also has a 53% radiation dose reduction compared to the Somatom Emotion 16-slice CT Scanners, therefore, addressing one of the most important components of healthcare which is patient safety!

Well, this was acquired in line with CMZ's vision: A hospital with performance excellence which is nationally recognized
With this whole line-up, we can provide to the clinicians more diagnostic equipment to help them in providing care to the patients.
For the patients, we are making these modalities readily available when needed.

As of October 2012 , Ciudad Medical Zamboanga has acquired the following:
* Siemens Magnetom Essenza 1.5 T MRI  
             first 1.5 T Superconductor MRI in Mindanao
* Siemens Mammomat Inspiration
            first Digital Mammography in Western Mindanao

* Siemens Polymobil Portable X-ray Machine with the giraffe design
* Computed Radiography
* PACS (Picture Archiving Communication System)

* 64 slice SIEMENS PERSPECTIVE CT SCAN (launched today July 10, 2013
           first of the Perspective 64 CT Scan in the whole Philippines
           first of the Perspective 64 CT Scan in Southeast Asia

As we journey towards Performance Excellence, please allow Ciudad Medical Zamboanga to be your partners in healthcare!


  1. Wow. So glad to know that ZC can offer better services now. =D

    1. CMZ is exerting great effort to improve its physical facilities as well as improve the corresponding healthcare services that go with this. We hope that soon enough, the community and neighboring provinces and islands could feel the changes....

  2. Wish you succes and better diagnoses and treatments for your patients

    Love from sunny Holland at sea


    1. Thanks so much, Diny. I miss you and wish I can go back to Holland soon...Thanks for bringing me to the tulip fields!

  3. Pinay,
    I am looking at purchasing one of the Perspective 64's, how has it performed now that you are using it? Did you look at any other CT's? Is the image quality what you were expecting? Did you purchase the cardiac package? And lastly, are you seeing actual reduction in radiation?

    Thanks for any information you can supply.

    Mike Sedgwick
    sunny south Florida

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