Sunday, July 14, 2013


The last time I "met" the Philippine National hero, Jose Rizal was in Dapitan, Zamboanga Del Norte last March 2009.

So when the opportunity came for continuing medical education this 2013, I chose Heidelberg, Germany because I would forever remember that Dr. Jose Rizal had his Ophthalmology training in Heidelberg and that he had a monument over there.

So as soon as I arrived in Heidelberg, I was sort of "obsessed" to look for him. Fortunately, my family indulged and went with me to "look" for him. 

The first time we asked the Tourist Information Center, the lady knew of its presence but unfortunately, she initially had a difficult time describing how to go there, and seemed to suggest we get a taxi. (So don't expect that it is easy to find the place!) 

The reason is: the Rizal monument is in a municipality next to Heidelberg, which is about 18 to 20 kms. away from Heidelberg center and about 30 minutes away by bus.

Eventually, the lady gave us the instructions on how to go to Wilhemsfeld by bus... which is actually easy as long as you get to understand Germany's bus system! (It was easy because my husband was so good with the map and bus rides!)

Finally, we arrived in Wilhemsfeld, but since it was a Sunday, there were no people around. I wonder if there are people during the weekdays!

Here we are now in Wilhelmsfeld!
Actually, Wilhelmsfeld is a state-certified climatic health resort. We ride through zigzag roads with lots of pine and other tall trees  all over!

When you arrive at the municipality, don't go down at the bus stop near the gasoline station. There is another bus stop after this. We couldn't ask anybody the way since there were no people in the streets. 
Don't go down at this bus stop near the bookstore and gasoline station... 
go further down near the bakeshop! 
We went down at the bookstore which was closed on a Sunday!

I found this at the bookstore window... 
2 euros for a small paper which just looked like a Xerox copy...
Such a quiet but idyllic town... I guess that is the reason why he was able to complete the last to chapters of the Noli Mi Tangere. I felt the serenity of the place, with beautiful cottages on the hills.

So as a guide, look for the bakeshop. I noticed the bakeshop had lots of clients. They could show the way to the monument.

Just across the bakeshop, we find this sign.
The City of Calamba... which is Wilhelmsfeld's sister city.

So you have to go down the hill to find the place. Then, you find the sign: Karl-Ullmer Weg (Karl Ullmer Way) on the left side, which we follow further down.
The pathway down to the Rizal Park is quite "steep" on the way down.

The entrance to the Park...
Here it is!

I wasn't able to ask why there were flowers there and when the last special occasion took place...
There are markers to tell the story of Dr. Jose Rizal both in German and in English, which add to the value to the place.

The people who played a big role in Dr. Jose Rizal's life were also honored.
Academic Mentors of Jose Rizal: Professor Otto Becker and Professor Rudolf Virchow

Friends of Rizal: Pastor Karl Ullmer and Ferdinand Blumentritt
As we leave the place, we go back up the "steep" way...

This is amazing enough for me to be able to experience this. I guess Dr. Jose Rizal really deserves to be our National Hero as he also paved the way for the Philippines to be recognized in the world as early as the 19th Century.

I am really proud to be in this place.


  1. What an adventure it is to find the Rizal Park there!

    Pero nakakaproud na meron talaga silang park para kay Pepe. And their own Calamba, too! :)

  2. wow! this is sooo amazing! so proud to be a Filipino... it's nice to see joko featured in your blog, too! :)

  3. this is just amazing! and a great view :) nakakaproud tlga :D