Sunday, July 14, 2013


Going to Heidelberg isn't exactly an easy trip from the Philippines. 

You can choose any of the International Airlines to reach Germany about 14 hours from Manila.  At the time, I chose KLM because I had plans of passing by Amsterdam, too. From Amsterdam, we had to fly to Frankfurt and from Frankfurt, either by train or by car to heidelberg.  At the time, we rode the hired van and reached Heidelberg in about an hour.

My son didn't want to ride KLM. He heard Singapore Airlines and Qatar Airlines are among the best... and he thought, KLM meant Kuala Lumpur Malaysia! Personally, I wanted to try out KLM and the KLM flight was fine.

Upon arrival at Schipol Airport in The Netherlands, we rode the KLM Cityhopper to reach the Frankfurt Airport. This seemed like a domestic trip (even if it was from Amsterdam to Frankfurt)  since we also just go down the plane and ride the bus to bring us to the Terminal. I realized our practice is not necessarily "primitive".
One thing I can say, though, is that the Asian flight stewardesses are generally more charming and gracious than those of the  KLM Cityhopper. Asian airlines gladly introduce the flight attendants by name, with a more visible badge... and smile when their photos are taken... maybe, because they know they gave their services well and they are a proud epitome of their company... just like the iconic Singapore girl! 

In my experience with the KLM Cityhoppers, one attendant was so aloof and she pointed her finger at me with a mean look when I took a picture of the scene of them demonstrating the flight instructions(not necessarily her!). Then, she approached me as if I made the gravest crime in my life and demanded me to erase the picture.

I wouldn't want to say that it is a Cultural thing because the other Dutch or Germans I've met are really so very nice including the KLM staff. I am hoping this is an isolated situation and only one person, though.

I felt bad, because I would expected a better treatment in a hospitality and service industry and since I felt from the KLM website that Customer Service is of utmost importance.
I would have expected her to smile and request that she prefer not having her picture taken and have it deleted, rather than point her finger at me while giving the instructions. I would have praised her for that.

I felt bad but my husband was fuming... luckily, we didn't make a scene. He actually, really wanted me to complain to KLM Customer Service about it but at that time, I wasn't able to do so and by the time, I was back , the Customer service feedback of KLM already lapsed.
He also recommend that they do not serve with their backs to us. The attendant was pushing the trolley from the back, thus, gave the food with their backs to us and definitely, not pleasing to see if she bended to get some things, which she did.

Their name badges were so small and when I asked her colleagues, they were so afraid to give her name... so defensive as if they know that I might complain about them. This is, of course, anecdotal (just one experience) but I felt the whole team just automatically answered, "We cannot give you her name! as a company policy"... so much so for Customer Service!

I am still hoping to fly by KLM in the future because I want to visit Amsterdam again, though, not so excited to fly the KLM Cityhopper again! 


  1. Awww, That's so mean. Why do they have to do that. She's such a bitch. hayyysss... I just hope you had a fun vacay. hehe

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