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September 11 to 13, 2013: 

Then, I listened to Dr. Nimfa Torrizo, the very new Regional Director of the Department of Health - Center of Health Development Region IX at Dateline Teleradyo GBPI TV-11 on her updates of the Health Sector during the Zamboanga City Crisis.
#Zamboanga City Crisis / #MNLF Stand-off
RD N. Torrizo shared with the community on what the DOH is doing for the Zamboanga Crisis 2013 and here is how Ciudad Medical Zamboanga is helping:
    1)   Zamboanga City Medical Center  (now turned into the military operations center) moved to the WMSU gym where treatment for patients is ongoing; 
ZCMC now at the WMSU gym  (photo credit: Dr. George Rojo)

Dr. George Rojo, head of the CMZ Safety Promotion and Disaster Preparedness  Committee is also part of the Planning Group for the ZCMC and works hand in hand with the Health Emergency Medical Service of the ZCMC.

    2)   the Mindanao Central Sanitarium under Dr. Alfonso Montuno is also preparing the hospital, especially for surgical cases and is coordinating with CMZ for some resources which may be needed including sterilization of instruments.
Dr. Al Montuno, Chief of the Mindanao Central Sanitarium, where Surgical cases are sent, coordinates with Atty. Jhihann Natividad of Ciudad Medical Zamboanga for some resources which may be needed including sterilization of instruments.

   3)   that the Private Hospitals can now be tapped for patients supposed to be for the admission to the Zamboanga City Medical Center 
there is a memorandum from the department of health-center for health development ix (doh-chd ix) signed by dr. nimfa b. torrizo and dated september 11, 2013 on philhealth payment coverage for all wounded victims and all other cases secondary to the zamboanga city – mnlf standoff.
Dr. George Rojo, who attended the meeting with the DOH-CHD IX and ER Head Nurse Camille Mayoc together with CMZ Medical Director, Dr. Filipinas Rojo preparing the CMZ Implementing Guidelines based on the DOH-CHD IX directive.  

Here are more photos on scenes from CMZ:
people lining up at the ATM...

out-patient table set outside the Emergency Room for consultations

CMZ can still smile in spite of the Adversity
But, CMZ is not spared from the dangers and this is one evidence of such. Bullet is seen through the Nursing Service Office. 
The other day, September 11 (ominous, right?!), the CMZ had its share of fear when firing shots were heard in the parallel street with small streets communicating with Nuñez Extension where CMZ is situated. Definitely, this alarmed everyone in the hospital and neighboring barangay but more so, when a large wave of people rushed into CMZ as they sought refuge. 

Even with the risk of security, CMZ opened their doors to these people in fear including babies and children and brought most of them to the chapel area. When shots were heard, the crowd in the aisles and rooms of the hospital dropped to the floor. You can imagine the situation!

CMZ had their share of the reality of the ZC Crisis but fortunately, the situation was well managed with Senior Leaders present. The hospital staff are seen to be more resilient to fear and danger (more likely, because of the hospital preparations in disaster), and the staff were still able to comfort those in loud cries, anxiety and panic.

When the skirmish ended, the people lined up properly as they left the hospital premises.

Meetings are called...


Here are the doctors still making their rounds...


The Emergency Room is still active...
Out-patient table set outside the ER

Special visitors...
from the Red Cross

with City Health Officer, Dr. Rodel Agbulos
From other hospitals...
Accepting patients from other hospitals for transfer or for diagnoatic tests such as CT Scan and MRI.... such as from Zamboanga Puericulture Maternity Lying-In Hospital, Brent Hospital, Zamboanga Doctors' Hospital and from the satellite hospital of the ZCMC in WMSU gym.



Cardio-Pulmonary Unit...



Food is available for staff...

Admin and Billing:

Accounting trying hard to finish the payroll... and successful! So CMZ workforce got their salaries on time by ATM inspite of the Zamboanga crisis!!!

The staff are brought home by ambulance if they request for it.

Most interesting are the smiles after every episode of anxiety and fear... or after a surge of bloody and toxic patients.

The end of the Zamboanga Crisis is still obscure, but with the partnership of the Public and Private Sector in times of dire need, there is great hope for the Zamboanga City community!

P.S.  Even if you or your area is not in this blogpost, you are still greatly appreciated... might become a novel if I post all!!!

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