Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Mayor Vitaliano Agan Avenue (did you know this is Nunez Extension's present name!)
For the past three nights, the authorities have set an 8 pm to 5 am CURFEW for the City of Zamboanga. 

From the Philippine Inquirer dated September 9, 2013

MANILA, Philippines – Curfew was imposed in Zamboanga City on Monday following a standoff between government troops and  Moro National Liberation Front gunmen.
“With the current situation in the City, Mayor Beng Climaco is declaring the imposition of curfew in Zamboanga City starting 8 p.m. to 5 a.m.,” the Zamboanga City posted in its Twitter account.
Curfew was authorized by the city council, which met on a special session Monday afternoon, it added.
“Only people working directly in managing situation will be permitted to go around the city including those in the medical profession,” it also said.
Those working for evacuation and distribution of relief goods are permitted to go around the city...

Let us just follow the rules since this actually keeps us safe... no mistaken identities... decreased risk for stray bullets... no risk for hostage-taking... no unnecessary interrogations and detentions... and no unnecessary movements in the streets which confuses issues!

It does sound strange, but everything is strange in this unusual time of Crisis!

Curfews... MNLF... hovering choppers... no inbound and outbound flights... no banks... no businesses... no stores... people in fear and panic... escape... hostage taking... bloodshed... poor policemen and soldiers in the frontline... blasts... mortars and RPGs (including those that don't explode)... MNLF checkpoints... exchange of fires... docking and taking cover... evacuation... no food... affected infrastructure... barangays in danger, with our friends in uncertainty... worst hospital situations... abandonment of posts... security issues... lack of resources... lack of suppliers...and the list goes on.

In the hospital setting, it is so difficult to get the balance of our call for service and the security of those who will provide the healthcare service... and to provide the service for new patients while still keeping resources for those who are already in!!!

But always remember to check if: THE SCENE IS SAFE!

But it also has brought about the SPIRIT OF UNITY AND LOVE... and the value of PERFORMANCE EXCELLENCE!

Coming on duty in spite of the uncertain safety and security issues... being competent... being responsible... being selfless... knowing the risks but still keeping the fort... being united with the common goal... acquiring positive attitudes... cooperation and obedience emanates... no negative vibes... appreciating meager resources and little deeds of kindness... being more resourceful and gain initiative... unity in diversity... unity in adversity... showing empathy... calls of concerns from family and friends... valuing our individual roles and contributions... realization of how important we are to each other! 

With every adversity, there is always something GREAT that will come out of it!
But, we have to find it out for ourselves... have the realization to make the best of everything!!!

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