Saturday, September 28, 2013

JUST AN ICE BREAKER: BLABLA METER - How Much Bullshit Hides In Your Text??

Just a short break for posts about the Zamboanga Crisis!

I was looking for Ms. Aileen's comment area for her I Heart Good Health, but couldn't so I was going through her other blogs and found this post:  

Do You Blab When You Write?

I found it so interesting, too! 
It was about testing out the BlaBla Meter and how much "bullshit" hides in our texts.

This is how I went about it:
1. You open the BlaBlaMeter site with this link: 

2. You open your own blog and choose some text which you would like to test. Copy the text.
~~~You have to try to put in at least 5 sentences for it to evaluate. 
~~~If it is so short, no score is given!

3. Place the chosen copied text into the box and paste.

4.  Press Check, seen below the box.

5.  It automatically gives the Bullshit Index and the meaning.

So I tried it out on multiple blogposts from "In Pinay's Footsteps" and here is what I got!

The results are presented in this way:

The lower the score, the better!
I am so proud of the scores... the lowest of 0.1 and the highest of 0.02.
This means my texts shows no or marginal indications of "Bullshit"-English.

My first ever long post had the score of 0.1!
Good, it improved through the succeeding posts!

I guess, I should thank my teachers in St. Theresa's College Cebu grade school and in UP College Cebu high school for this!

Anyway, this is just a fun test for us to try out! I suggest you check it out, too! 

P.S. You don't have to take it seriously, though!


After Jhari's comment, I edited this post to be more detailed and clear.

But, what entered my mind is, "What really is "bullshit-English"?

So, I checked my other blogsite, "In Pinay's Eyes"   and looked into some posts and tested them, too.

I got one with this score:

Now, I know what Bullshit English is!

The text I tested was basically a Thank You message as follows:
I guess, Service and Care are already embedded in their hearts...

But, most of all, we greatly thank our hospital support group, because maintenance, security, supplies, food, janitorial services are all readily available to augment the medical, nursing and ancillary services and they, themselves, are also unsung heroes!
(By the way, the Admin group, have also extended their hours when they are needed!)

And, especially, to the Finance group who really exerted great effort to coordinate with the banks for the payroll to be completed on time. You know you are highly appreciated by your colleagues! 

The assessment is:
Something's getting a bit fishy. You probably want to sell something, or trying to impress somebody.
So, this is what they consider BlaBla!!!

Since this is the intention of the blogpost, then, I am forgiven for this!

Again, you don't have to take it seriously, though!


  1. I didn't get it hahaha! Because first I really don't know what to say when I open the text. But thanks for sharing :)

    1. might want to read this again. Actually, I edited it!

  2. Hmm will try it out and see what score it can give me. I think I can get high numbers haha. Thanks for sharing that little fun tool Pinay Ricamora.!


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