Wednesday, September 18, 2013


I know I have paid and continue to pay tribute to the healthcare workers because these are the people I work with and who are around me!

But, I would like to thank so much our soldiers and police force who we greatly need for our security.
Thank you for guarding our establishment!!!
Time and again, they have said the hospital is one of the places to secure ... because we need to continue to provide healthcare service even in times of crisis and disaster!

We thank you, our police force and soldiers who continue to fight to keep the sovereignty of our Zamboanga City! (photos from TV)
soldiers outside the Zamboanga City Medical Center and just across my clinic

soldiers outside the Rojo Compound during the Zamboanga Crisis

They also have to do so many other things, like being compassionate to civilians (but it is difficult to identify who is who these days!)

And even firefighters!
with the series of fires in the Sta. Barbara area, where there is danger for the firefighters to go in, we hear the soldiers also help out !!!

From ABS-CBN File: EOD personnel sniff materials recovered after a car exploded in Camino Nuevo Street in Zamboanga City. Photo by Rem Zamora for — withGolden Eye and Tony Ferrer Jr. in Zamboanga City.
Way to go, Teng M.!!!
Many of the Zamboanga constituents from all sectors value the services of the soldiers so much and so they also give donations to the soldiers aside to the help for the evacuees.

Even our own CMZ staff have done their own share of showing their appreciation... I guess they really have the heart for Social Responsibility! 
From the CMZ Kaladkarins who gave to the Laiason officer for supplies, who distribute the water and food to the soldiers.
(credits: Promding Chamimay FB)

CMZ extending our help to our soldiers PNP and AFP on field (CMZ Ward F, ICU, NSO and with Adzu HS batch 98) coordinated by HN Niña.
So, it pains us so much when we see the soldiers who are brought to the hospital who incur the realities of war... injuries from snipers, bullets, mortars and RPGs = = really high power ammunition on the MNLF side!!!!
The reality of morbidity and even, death is right in front of them!

While in the hospital, one of the soldiers still had a grenade with him!
whole hospital is mobilized at times of patient surge (sudden increase in patient number during conflict) = = all head nurses came down to see where they can contribute!

endorsing the clothes and things from the patients...

Dr. G. Rojo, CMZ ER head coordinating with the AFP...

How difficult it is to think that the soldiers have to physically sacrifice for us... BUT, we need them to do so!

The presence of strong military forces to CORDON, CONSTRICT and CONTAIN these "friendly forces" as they call them is the only reassurance of the Zamboanga City Constituents.

It is so sad when the soldiers injured are part of the reinforcement forces who come over... they are so young and new to the place!!! 

Now, they say they are in the Clearing Phase... but this means, the dangers continue... are their still snipers? land mines? ... and yes, we still see soldiers who are injured at this time!

I talked to one injured soldier. He still maintained a positive outlook in spite of the 14 days in the heart of Sta. Barbara (area of worst armed conflict) before he was hit by the sniper during the clearing operation! He feels the conflict would soon end! He is still willing to go on with his mission as a soldier even after his present injury. I was amazed by his aura and his calling!!! Really AMAZING!

The Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, President Benigno "PNoy"Aquino and Secretary of National Defense Voltaire Gazmin remain with the soldiers here in Zamboanga City for more than a week...
They say Malacañang is right here in Zamboanga City!

Dear Soldiers and Police Force...


How difficult it is that you have to fight "friendly forces" who have super high powered ammunition!

How difficult it is to balance fighting... and to continue to keep the hostages and civilians safe!

How difficult when you have the complexity of recognizing MNLF, who try to convert as civilians! 

We feel for your families!!

You are our heroes... and we pray we will have more living heroes at the end of this Crisis!!!

We pray that the end of this Zamboanga Crisis 2013 should be very favorable to the Zamboanga community...

This must not prove to be just a futile exercise after all your sacrifice...

Your noble efforts must not go down the drain...
Let us continue to pray for peace in Zamboanga City!!!

P.S. Thanks to the television coverage of the Zamboanga Crisis which is the source of some of my photos.


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