Wednesday, September 11, 2013


I am not connected with the Zamboanga City Medical Center (ZCMC), but I am intrigued (and shocked!!!) with such a far-fetched situation the main government hospital is in now! 

It is quite unfortunate that the hospital (and my clinic) is located in Sta. Catalina and close to Sta. Barbara where the Zamboanga Crisis is happening.

When the MRI engineer asked our technologist, "How far is ZCMC from the affected area?" and she answered, "Just a hollow block wall separating the two places!" So you can imagine WHY the evacuation should take place!!!

Here are images from the GBPI TV 11 footages which I photographed from TV:
the main entrance of the Zamboanga City Medical Center...
this is my clinic across the ZCMC!
never in our farthest dream...

Even if we consider terrorism as one of the major risks in our City, it is unimaginable that the main government hospital would completely evacuate and relocate to the Western Mindanao State University (WMSU) gym.

There were also many patients who decided to go home whether with advice or against advice rather than stay at the WMSU gym, but of course, there were still many patients to serve.

So here are some images at the WMSU Gym from Dr. George Rojo:

I was attracted by the status posted by my friend, Dr. Afdal Kunting which goes this way:

So many unsung heroes in this crisis.. Those ambulance drivers with steely nerves, the IWs who carried, lifted and dragged patients and equipment, with some even being shot at by snipers, the hospital and agency guards who braved the dead of night... The efficient nurses, supply, pharmacy, laboratory pips... We have lived up to the grand legacy of our hospital... Happy 95th anniversary ZCMC!

Don't you think his message encapsulates the essence of ZCMC in the midst of the crisis? I believe it really does!!! (Would be nice if you drop a comment if you agree!)

In the next days, we do hope this Zamboanga crisis will be solved favorably.

We know the hostages, evacuees and those who live in the affected areas are in a more dismal situation and things will be better for them only if the Zamboanga crisis will end. 
a beautiful image of optimism = = from Joko R.

Let us all pray together for the immediate resolution of this situation!!!


  1. from M. Ondona: Kudos to the staff!

  2. from Afdal Kunting: I am honored doc!

  3. from Cynthia Hortelano: Until you posted these photos, I didn't realize how bad the situation had gotten. Indeed the staff of ZCMC are heroes for making the best out of the situation and continuing to be of service. This should show the BIR that medical professionals are not mere instruments of commerce but also put service to their fellowmen above everything . I hope that the government will be able to resolve the situation soon and that your lives can return to normal. Praying for you

  4. from Eufemia Tobias: I'm sure Dr. George being the Disaster expert can really do something despite the crises.