Thursday, September 19, 2013


(warning: another long blogpost!!!)

I was able to personally visit the WMSU gymnasium today.

The sad plight I could feel, but generally speaking, the place is very ideal as an evacuation site for the satellite hospital of the Zamboanga City Medical Center under Dr. Romeo Ong.

The place is protected from the forces of weather. Inside, it is air-conditioned, organized and clean... so definitely, a far cry from the evacuation centers. But, definitely, the place is far from the ideal hospital settings.  

Here is Dr. Giovanni Paolo Gimena, who is the HEMS Coordinator (with orange vest) at the Command Post.

Here are the other ZCMC staff and patients. 
Do not be surprised at the smiles. 
Filipinos really have a knack for being resilient to depressing situations and can smile no matter what!

The long wooden tables of the different services are lined on each side of the Gym while the beds are also grouped per ward!

Admitting Unit


Emergency Room and HEMS

Orthopedic Ward

Nutrition and Dietetics Service.
Patients and watchers line up for food.
Notice their improvised "plates" and "bowls".

 Medical / Surgical Wards

 Pediatric Ward

 We see several sets of people who come over and give food and water to the patients. (additional to the food provided by the hospital)

Touching scenes...
Doctor shares the movie with one of the displaced children there
 love still reigns in times of adversity
indeed a non-ideal situation for acute patients

the mlnourished 11 month old infant with skin disease (from Rio Hondo) recovering from LBM and dehydration now shows bright eyes and a smile!
It was also at this time, that the Davao Regional Hospital from Tagum set up the mobile Operating Room under the SNEP (Surgical Networking Extension Program) and led by Assistant Secretary of Health (for Mindanao), Dr. Romulo Busuego.
The white tent near the stage is the mobile Operating Room

The mobile OR set-up

With Asst. Secretary Dr. Romulo Busuego of Davao Regional Hospital, USec Mila Fernandez and the new DOH-CHDIX Regional Director Dr. Nimfa Torrizo 
We left the Gymnasium at night.

It is amazing that a hospital can indeed be moved over to the gym!

We thank WMSU President, Dr. Milabel Ho for being gracious to do so. But, she is a nurse and would have the compassion for the displaced patients. 

The satellite hospital complements the Mindanao Central Sanitarium where other kinds of surgery are performed and I heard also an ICU set-up.
with DOH Secretary Enrique Ona with Dr. John Anacan (ZCMS), CHO Dr. Rodel Agbulos, Ciudad Medical Zamboanga President Dr. Joven Monsanto, CMZ Medical DirectorDr. Filipinas Rojo and ZPMC Medical Director Dr. Ernesto Florendo

With the support of the Secretary of Health, Dr. Enrique Ona, who came over to see the real situation and who is in close coordination with President NoyNoy Aquino, I am hopeful that the coordination of the DOH, CHO, ZCMC, MCS and the private hospitals would be complementary and united for the common good!


  1. Good thing there's a safe place to go, not just clean but people who will really look after them. Thank you for sharing

    1. Such an unusual situation, but the place is clean, though, far from ideal!

  2. It's all over the news! I'm praying for Zamboanga. BTW, Pinoys are really happy people noh? I'm glad to see smiling faces despite the crisis. Mas mabilis ma solve ang problems if nasa positive vibes ang lahat!

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